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The Big Beast's specs:
Custom-built desktop
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The Little Beasts
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Well, it kinda works better on mobile now, that's nice.
What... the... bleep?  Art Twitter?  TwitArt?  Hrm...
I Made a Cute by DJ-Zephyr
I Made a Cute
This was an exercise done with Skulblaka16, Deviant-Diablo, and another RL friend of ours (who arrived late, did the pic without any guidelines, and still shamed us all).  We followed along with one of Mark Crilley's videos ( and compared results at the end.  It was kinda fun to see this go from a pair of overlapping circles to a complete character.

Papermate Sharpwriter #2 on 8.5x11" printer paper.  Aided by kneaded eraser (God's gift to sketch artists).
Combat Ready by DJ-Zephyr
Combat Ready
I'm just gonna put this here... yes, the swords were hand-drawn.

Penny from RWBY.

Pentel PD349 0.9mm on 8.5x11" printer paper.  Cropped and cleaned in GIMP (the blades on her right were cut off cuz the paper was too small, so I ended up cropping them off on her left too).
Kari by DJ-Zephyr
Yay Art Dump Day!  I really shouldn't abuse the inboxes of what few followers I have, but I've been holding off posting for too long already!

An OC for a story I should really put down on paper some day.  Also an attempt at a bit of dynamism- thanks Nsio for your awesome tutorial on that!  I've always struggled with doing livelier poses, and this came out a lot less dead than stuff I usually do.  I'm not completely happy with the hair- was trying for a highlight effect, but it ended up looking a bit weird.  The uniform came out great, tho.  And I stopped cheating on hands and eyes here, tho I've still a ways to go.  Hooray for learning to draw feet, tho!

Pentel PD349 0.9mm on 8.5x11" printer paper.  Cropped and cleaned in GIMP.

Note to self- no more double-sided work on this paper, otherwise the scanner will see both sides...
Many lessons in many forms lately.  It's a busy semester, in so many ways.


Lesson 1: Never own more than 1.5 (rounded down) animals per person per household at a time.

So I'm living alone right now while my folks are up in Ohio for my grandfather's memorial.  I'd go with, but my college classes started in August, and I'm cheaper than hiring a pet-sitter... kinda.  Still gotta feed me. =P

But these creatures seem to get more volatile the lonelier they get.  First day on my own I'm thinkin' "woot," til I wake up to the smell of electrical smoke before having to run the slides at church.  I flip off the power strip and the monitors, thinking one of my screens had somehow fried while on standby.  I don't notice the smell of cat urine til I get home and the magic smoke has dissipated from behind my desk.  Luckily it wasn't a monitor- apparently the salty stuff can short-circuit USB extension cords (dammit I like those things), which can release epic amounts of odor.  Came this close to hanging one of the little brats on the door as a warning to the others not to trespass here...

Then, my first day of classes- long classes, nine hours at school- with no parents to let the dog out.  I get home after the long day, get all settled in, get Mom's little black cat in my lap, then notice another unpleasant aroma.  First, I think it's Shadow- he's old, and cats don't always smell that great, tho it's usually fishy breath from cat food- this doesn't smell like that.  I look around- it smells like... yup, dog turd on the COUCH.  No, not on the floor, Jade loves to curl up on the couch when (she thinks) she's alone in the house (or when I'm quiet in my room and my parents leave... dim dog).  She had to leave it on fabric.  Luckily, we have the couch double-covered- a denim sheet over a more absorptive layer to prevent urinary nightmares.  It's not too bad- I take off the denim sheet and run it out to the garage.

Still, this is just the first few days.  I've got til next Wednesday.  We may need more paper towels.  Anyway.

Lesson 2: Don't judge your college classes by their subjects.

So I started school with plenty of preconceived notions- English Comp and Elementary Algebra would suck, Business Comms would be OK, and I'd really enjoy my software class, cuz computers. 

It's turning out quite backwards.  Professor Rallo will likely keep English Comp from being a snore with good reading selections, energetic lectures, and lively classroom discussions- I still resent being taught the English language for the umpteen millionth time, but at least I can have some fun.  The software class, tho... it's less than exciting.  It's a lotta online crap- videos and "labs" 'n such, and Ms. Prince, while a nice lady, isn't the best at lectures.  Business Communications is kinda slow so far, but may pick up.  Algebra, tho, is exactly what I thought it would be- tedious as hell.  So my intuition isn't COMPLETELY off.

Lesson 3: Never say "never"

I swore I'd never play the evil that is League of Legends again.  It hates me, I hate it.  But ah, the things we do for and with good friends.  One of my close church buddies has picked the prickly little MOBA up again, and I'm tagging along for the ride.  To be honest, it's more fun than I remember- helps to play with people you like- but it's a form of digital punishment I won't overdue on my own.  Gonna try to trade in some LoL credits for GW2 time today, tho- their Super Adventure Box is back, and that should be right up Greg's ally.


Simple and blissful.  But I guess I should take it from the top.

So I told my councilor I've been looking for something to do between classes other than bum around in computer games.  Work study came up, which I've been meaning to ask about, but he also got me in touch with a friend of his at a place called Hope Youth Ranch.  They're a Christian program dealing with at-risk and troubled youth, serving as a special school and group home and providing therapy and counseling.  Apparently, they needed someone to help get their computers all connecting to the Internet through the same router.  Sounded like it could be good on my resume, and would be a lot more fulfilling than farting around on the Web at home all the time.

I also learned about one of their forms of therapy.  When they put the word "Ranch" in their name, they weren't kidding- they've got at least half a dozen horses up there, and they put them to good use.  The kids get to ride these beauties as a form of therapy, and when I expressed interest in riding (I'd ridden my step-uncle's horses for a brief period while up north), I got my chance to ride them as a form of payment.  It was a long-overdue, incredibly wonderful, occasionally terrifying learning experience.  The first horse they had me on, due to my limited experience, was a very tame, malleable beast; the second time around, I got the more comfortable saddle, but the bigger, more stubborn beast, and I learned the hard way that holding on for dear life does NOT slow a horse down.  But the horse manager there- Patty- gave me some pointers, and eventually, I had that big beautiful creature slowing down and speeding up pretty much at will, tho I still learned that horses are much happier to RUN TOWARDS the barn and their buddies than they are to turn away from them.

So now we have a deal- when they need computer work, and I feel like getting some time on Wendy or Georgie or one of the other horses (read: any time I don't have school work or too much homework), we have a deal.  Sore muscles and cursed-at Windows XP machines be damned, I get to ride HORSES!


Hoping to get my Darker Than Black cosplay done when my parents gets home, preferably before Halloween.  Knife is done and came out pretty good.  Found a good stand-in for the grapple too.  Just gotta do that mask...
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